Are you a wheelchair user
who is ready to get mobile?

Leverage Scott Darnell's expertise and experiences to quickly and effectively get up-to-speed.

We start with you:

Health status, goals.


Supporting your needs and interests.

Ability Report + Scott's time:

Mobility solutions just for you.

Price: U.S. $295 - or $215 for active or past duty military, fire and police service members.

Designed for U.S.A.

Includes everything listed

Exploration of accessible transportation with at least 3 different well-suited options;
U.S. Governmental agency directory covering all major areas of disability;
Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists;
Funding sources;
Introductions to organizations, networks, locally certified dealers, and resources straight from Scott’s rolodex, including 1 additional hour of customer service by email and/or telephone after report is delivered.

Start moving forward now

Reports prepared in under 2 weeks

We are very proud to offer you a wealth of hard-won information about accessible mobility in an affordable package.
Taking your personal goals and location into consideration, we will find the right contacts to help you achieve success, and give you information you are not likely to easily find yourself.


On our radar

Source: Reeve Foundation

Top 20 Most Livable U.S. Cities for Wheelchair Users

"...To get a better understanding of how cities in the U.S. are faring when it comes to accessible living, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation looked at 100 of some of the largest cities in the United States and ranked them based on criteria that provides a snapshot of not just accessibility, but livability for people using wheelchairs..."


State License Plates and Disability Placards

" has compiled the information you need to apply for a disability placard or license plate in your state. Search our pages to find out what you need to apply, where to apply, and how to renew or replace your disabled parking permit..."


Five Questions to Consider When Choosing a Mobility Conversion Vehicle

"...Picking the right type of vehicle for your disability and your lifestyle is important. It's a decision that could have far-reaching effects on your health and your finances, and as such, it shouldn't depend exclusively on your feelings regarding a vehicle's image or appearance. For mobility-challenged drivers, function trumps form by a very wide margin..."


Scott Darnell

Senior Analyst

Since 2003, Scott Darnell has been creating customized mobility solutions for himself and other disabled drivers. After debuting a show-stopping proprietary system at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, three years later at the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association Annual Conference in Daytona Beach, he earned the NMEDA and Adaptive Driving Alliance New Technology Award for Innovation in Engineering and Technology for the physically challenged. Scott's experience and expertise can help you get back on the road in style.