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Message from Scott Darnell: "Over the last 20+ years, I have successfully helped myself and others in wheelchairs get mobile, and I’ve learned a lot in the process. I view the process of creating this report as a partnership, where my job is to apply my past experiences and help you regain freedom and independence as effectively as possible. This report should go a long way in achieving that, and from there, I look forward to providing you with some extra phone or email support to ensure you achieve your goals."

Prepared in Under 2 Weeks - includes everything listed

Exploration of accessible transportation with at least 3 different well-suited options;
U.S. Governmental agency directory covering all major areas of disability;
Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists;
Funding sources;
Introductions to organizations, networks, locally certified dealers, and resources straight from Scott’s rolodex, including 1 additional hour of customer service by email and/or telephone after report is delivered.

More from Scott: "In the initial stages of dealing with my spinal cord injury, I was lucky to have many very positive people around to shepherd me forward. I am very proud to join that group in your life, and deeply appreciate your trust as you look toward getting behind the wheel again, and exploring all of your options."


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Publisher: Darnell Works, Inc.

This website represents a cross-promotion between Darnell Works, Inc. and Changing Stares, Inc., businesses owned and operated by Roger, Beth and Scott Darnell, respectively. In 2015 the team launched AnAbility.com - your input is most welcome and greatly appreciated. We aim to provide service at the highest level.

Source: Darnell Works, Inc.

Best young/tech entrepreneurs

In Feb., 2009, along with Scott, we all attended the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association’s annual conference where he won the Adaptive Driving Alliance (ADA) New Technology Award for Innovation in Engineering and Technology for the physically challenged.

Source: Darnell Works, Inc.

Case Study: Changing Stares

In 2003, DWA began its role as the creative and communications agency of record for Changing Stares, Inc., a privately held start-up focused on creating important new mobility options for wheelchair users.


Scott Darnell

Senior Analyst

Since 2003, Scott Darnell has been creating customized mobility solutions for himself and other disabled drivers. After debuting a show-stopping proprietary system at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, three years later at the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association Annual Conference in Daytona Beach, he earned the NMEDA and Adaptive Driving Alliance New Technology Award for Innovation in Engineering and Technology for the physically challenged. Scott's experience and expertise can help you get back on the road in style.